Avocados are among the most flavorful, decadent and succulent fruits in the world. But if you are an avid fruit eater, you have probably noticed that the fruit can be difficult to catch in its prime. Once picked, they ripen slowly. Thus, the window of opportunity to find one can be short unless you hasten the process.

Things You'll Need

Find a fresh banana peel. For the freshest banana peel, peel the banana prior to preparing the avocado.

Put the avocado in a plastic sealable bag. Make sure the bag is large enough to accommodate all the avocado. Use more than one bag for quantities larger than three.

Add sections of banana peels to each bag. One third of a peel is ideal for one or two avocados. Use two thirds of a peel for a bag that contains three or more avocados.

Seal the bags and wait. Your avocados should ripen at least twice as fast as before. Check every 12 hours. A perfectly ripe avocado will feel firm and solid to the touch. However, it should yield to a gentle squeeze.


  • Take them out of the bags and store at room temperature. They’ll continue to ripen, but at a slower pace.

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