Instead of throwing out old dresses that may be a little too small, out of style or stained, consider transforming them into aprons. Creating an apron from an old dress is a fun and inexpensive alternative to buying a new apron. Dresses have the basic structure needed to create an apron, and dresses with pockets make especially good aprons. Use your transformed dress when you cook, paint or clean up around the house.

Things You'll Need

Use scissors to cut up the back of your dress, stopping at the waistline.

Cut away all the fabric under the waistline from the back panel of the dress.

Place a ruler at the bottom of the cut you made at the waistline and measure 5 inches toward the top of the dress. Use your marker to indicate the 5-inch mark. Draw a line from one side seam of the dress to the other along the 5-inch mark.

Cut along this line and remove all the fabric above it from the back panel, including any sleeves. Be careful not to cut off the neck hole. If the dress is strapless or does not have a neck hole, continue cutting along the line from step 3 to remove the entire top half of the front of the dress. This will create a half-apron. This should leave a single strip of fabric in the back that is still connected to the front of the dress.

Cut the strip of fabric in the back in half horizontally creating two strips of 2.5-inch-wide fabric. Disconnect the top strip from the dress by cutting the fabric at the right seam leaving it connecting on the left. Do the opposite for the bottom strip.

Put the newly created apron on by placing your head through the neck hole, and tie your strips together in the back. For a half-apron, simply place the apron at your hips and tie the strips together in the back.