David Beckham, Rihanna, Pink and many other celebrities have been seen sporting a faux-hawk hairstyle. The faux-hawk is a less committed version of the traditional punk rock mohawk. Rather than cutting your hair for the style as you would for a mohawk, you can fake the look with careful styling. The faux-hawk allows you to save your punk look for the weekends while looking professional during the week.

Things You'll Need

Comb out dry, slightly dirty hair. Do not freshly wash and dry your hair for this look; a little bit of natural oil will help with the styling.

Squirt about a teaspoon of styling gel into your palms. You may need more or less, depending on the length your hair. Rub your palms together to warm the gel.

Pull the hair at the center and sides of your scalp together and upward, running the gel through the hair starting at the roots. For additional hair lift, you can use a hairdryer or straightening iron to pull the hair upward at the roots.

Spray your hair all over with a strong-hold hairspray.


  • Women with long hair can style several variations of this look. You can pull the back into a spiky ponytail or loop into a bun or chignon. If the top and sides of your hair are too long to stand straight up, curl the top back and tease with a comb for lift. Secure with a bobby pin.