Fixing dinner won’t be such a chore when you’re wearing this quirky apron you’ve recycled from an old pair of jeans.

Things You'll Need

Cut off legs from a pair of old jeans and then cut them along the seams to open flat. You should have two pieces of denim material.

If you want a larger apron, sew the two pieces together on a sewing machine, then trim sides to fit. Sew rickrack along one side of the apron to disguise a frayed seam.

Choose a contrasting fabric for the trim on top. Use the edge from an old pillowcase around the waist of the apron.

Fold a square of fabric into a pocket shape and use sewing machine to make a neat hem. Attach pocket to apron using sewing machine.

Sew ribbon trim around the waist of the apron for a tie, leaving about 12″ on either side.


  • This apron can be washed in cold water and dried on low heat in the dryer.