By Kenneth Coppens

The ampalaya – perhaps more commonly known as the bitter melon or bitter gourd – comes from the Momordica charantia vine found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. According to the website Philippine Herbal Medicine, ampalaya has long been used as a natural Chinese medicine. Whether consumed for health reasons or simply as a snack, ampalaya makes a substantial contribution to homemade shakes.

Ampalaya is known for its bumpy, wrinkled appearance.

Step 1

Scrub and rinse the ampalaya under running water.

Step 2

Cut off both ends of the ampalaya.

Step 3

Slice the ampalaya in half lengthwise.

Step 4

Scoop out the seeds with a spoon and discard them.

Step 5

Add the ampalaya, lime juice, ice and sugar syrup to a blender.

Step 6

Mix contents in covered blender until thoroughly mixed.

Step 7

Serve the shake immediately.