If you are looking to make a statement through body art but are not ready to make a lifetime commitment, airbrush tattoos are an excellent option. Available in an array of intricate designs and colors, airbrush tattoos can last for 7 to 14 days if cared for properly.

Things You'll Need

Coat your tattoo with petroleum jelly or talcum powder before showering, bathing or swimming.

Do your best to avoid getting your tattoo wet, even while protected with petroleum jelly or talcum powder. If the tattoo does get wet, lightly dab it with a towel until dry. Do not rub or scratch it.

Do not let the tattoo come into contact with rubbing alcohol, alcohol-based lotions or soaps, or bug repellent.


  • Prior to getting your airbrush tattoo, carefully consider the area where you would like it drawn. Avoiding areas of the body that easily become oily or sweaty, or that frequently rub against clothing, can also make it last longer.

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