Wheatgrass is the intensely flavored, vitamin-rich grass of ordinary wheat. Some claim it has the ability to cleanse the blood and increase energy and stamina. The tender grass can be grown indoors at home; incubation takes between one to two weeks.Wheatgrass shots are expensive (around $3) at juice bars, so if you want the health benefits for just pennies a day, grow your own grass and purchase a juicer (about $30-$45) and you’re on your way.

Things You'll Need

Chop about one cup of fresh wheatgrass. Rinse it under running water.

Add the wheatgrass slowly to juicer.

Position a shotglass underneath.

Continue adding grass until shotglass is filled, chopping only as much as is needed. Don’t add water.

Drink it immediately with a squirt of lemon. For the best results, drink it on an empty stomach once a day.


  • You can purchase wheatgrass kits online to grow the grass in your own kitchen garden.

  • Wheatgrass is also available in powdered or tablet form.