How to Make A Weave Really Curly

By Lane Cummings

A hair weave is a wide-ranging term that refers to adding wefts of artificial hair to your natural hair. Wefts add length and thickness, making thin or limp hair look lush and thick, and even covering bald spots. Hair weaves are also suitable for people who just want a change from their normal hairstyle for a while. Hair weaves give natural hair a rest from the stress of styling, but if you want to give your hair weave some curl, you can easily do it yourself.

There's no reason you can't make your hair extension extra curly.

Step 1

Wash and conditioner your hair as you normally would. Gently towel dry your weave and allow the rest of it to air dry. Don't blow dry it even if your normally do. Your weave will be under the heat of the rollers and you don't want your hair to be overheated.

Step 2

Gently comb out the parts of your weave that you want to curl, clipping them with metal clips in (approximately) one-inch sections. Fill your steam roller basin with water. Stop at the fill line and place your rollers in their marked sections on the tank as the steam begins to heat up.

Step 3

Remove your hair clips, one by one, combing out each lock of hair and wrapping it around a steam roller. Don't yank on your hair when you do this. When it's wrapped around the roller, your hair should be snug, but not too tight. Secure each steam roller with the plastic shield it came with.

Step 4

Touch your rollers after they've set in your hair for one hour. They should be cool. Remove your rollers one at a time. After you remove a roller, hold the curl coiled in your hand for 10 seconds. Spray it with a hairspray specifically designed to hold curls. Repeat this with each roller.