A tulle skirt is a skirt made from from the sheer fabric “tulle.” Normally, tulle skirts have several layers or tiers, which create dimension and poof. Often, tulle skirts are worn underneath another skirt, to create a petticoat or tulle hemline. To make a tulle skirt to wear underneath another skirt, carefully measure and layer the tulle according the cut and style of the top skirt.

Things You'll Need

Measure the length of the skirt that you want to wear over the tulle skirt. Also examine the skirt to identify its cut (for instance, a line or pencil skirt) to gauge how much tulle will fit under the skirt. For a loose, free-flowing skirt, you can wrap four or more layers of tulle. For a tighter-fitting skirt, such as a pencil skirt, wrap only two layers of tulle.

Try on the skirt that you will wear on top. Measure your waistline just below the waistline of the skirt, since it is more comfortable if the waistbands of both skirts are not on top of each other.

Measure and cut the tulle fabric according to the dimensions and style of the skirt. First, measure on the tulle the length of the top skirt. Add several inches, depending on how much tulle you want to expose at the hem. For a subtle, tulle petticoat hem, add 2 inches. For a fuller, more noticeable tulle petticoat hem, add 4 to 5 inches. Measure the width of the fabric according to your waistline measurement and the number of layers of tulle that you want. For instance, if your waist measures 40 inches and you want three layers of tulle, measure a width of 120 inches. Cut the tulle at measured length and width.

Fold the tulle over the top edge of the waistband and sew the tulle onto the band. When you get to the end of the band, make a circle of the band and stitch the elastic ends together. Continue sewing the tulle around the band to add duplicate layers. When you run out of tulle, knot the thread and stitch over the knot to secure it.