Many classic cocktails mix together the most basic of ingredients to accomplish their well-known tastes. The few parts of a Tom Collins combine the sweet and tart, livening up the contrasting flavors with a touch of effervescence. A gin drink for non-gin drinkers, the cocktail even has its own type of glass, the Collins glass, which is taller and thinner than a highball glass. Not only is a Tom Collins tasty, the drink is also simple to make and can be mixed up on the fly for an impromptu cocktail party or just a much-needed reward for a long day.

Things You'll Need

Fill the Collins glass with ice.

Add the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup, then stir the contents with the cocktail spoon for around 10 seconds.

Top the drink with club soda, then stir again for about 5 seconds. Garnish the drink with a lemon slice on the lip and a cherry in the drink, then serve with a straw.


  • Substitute vodka for gin to make a Vodka Collins.

  • You can also stir the drink with a straw. If making the drink for someone else, serve with a new straw — they probably don’t want one that you manhandled.

  • Make your own simple syrup by mixing together 1/2 boiling water and 1/2 granulated sugar.