How to Make a Teddy Bear Cupcake Cake

By Ina Vega

Cupcake cakes have become very popular. Many prefer a cupcake cake over a traditional cake because it's much easier to serve. These cakes come in many shapes and sizes and with proper preparation can be designed into anything, including a teddy bear. Here's what to do to make a homemade teddy bear cupcake cake your child will love.

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Step 1

Arrange six cupcakes to make a circle, on a large cake platter. This will be the head of the bear. Use two cupcakes, one for each ear. For the snout, take a cupcake and cut off the top, and set aside.

Step 2

Construct the body by using 16 cupcakes. Arrange them in rows under the head. The first row needs two cupcakes, the second row will need three cupcakes, the third and fourth rows will need four cupcakes each and the fifth row needs three cupcakes. Keep them as close as possible to reduce the size of the gaps.

Step 3

Make the arms using three cupcakes on each side. Make the legs with three cupcakes for each leg, arranging them in an L shape.

Step 4

Start frosting, once you're happy with the arrangement of the cupcakes. Take the chocolate frosting and the spatula. Using a swift motion, glide the spatula across the cakes. Once the face has been frosted, put the cupcake that you set aside on top in the middle of the face for the snout. With the vanilla frosting and the spatula, frost the snout. For the ears, take the chocolate frosting again and frost outside of the ear only, leaving the inside of the cupcake unfrosted, then with the pink frosting and a smaller spatula or the back of a spoon, frost the inside of the ear.

Step 5

Frost the body with the chocolate frosting and the spatula using a swift motion. Remember to frost in one direction only, for example, top to bottom or left to right. Frost the arms and legs in the same manner.

Step 6

Making the eyes is as easy as taking a zipper bag and filling with two tablespoons of vanilla frosting, cut the tip with the scissors. Gently squeeze the bag to make two circles, then fill in with more frosting. For a quicker approach, place candy, like M&M's or Skittles, for the eyes. For the nose and mouth take the chocolate frosting and add two tablespoons to a zipper bag, cut the tip with the scissors and pipe a circle, fill it in with more frosting. With the same bag draw the mouth.