T-Shirt surgery is all the rage. The older and more worn a T-shirt looks the hipper it is. If you have a T-shirt that you absolutely love but it looks a little too new you can age your T-shirt with a few simple steps.

Take your clean freshly washed T-shirt and lay it on a flat surface. Review the T-shirt and decide what you like about it and do not want to compromise.

To wear your T-shirt take sandpaper and rub it over a few sections of the t-shirt repeatedly. This will soften the soften or wear the fabric quite a bit. Make sure to run the sand paper over any graphic to age them.

If you are up for it and you want the shirt to look like it has been worn for years you can splash a little bleach on the shirt. Let it set, then wash and dry.

Now take your scissors and enhance your shirts vintage appeal and look by cutting off the hem on the bottom of the shirt.

Now put your new old T-shirt on and work it.


  • The bleach is optional.

  • The more you wash the shirt between each of the steps the more vintage it will look.