Making a studded bra is an easy way to spice up your lingerie. Studded bras are seen on runways and celebrities all over the world making them high in demand. They aren’t easy to find in stores and can be quite expensive in some places. Making your own studded bra with a few simple items is an economical alternative.

Things You'll Need

Unhook your bra and place it on a flat workspace. Make sure it is a plain bra rather than a printed or lace bra. The studs will not stick on properly to print or lace.

Make a drawing of the design you plan to make, if any. Place the studs according to the design on your bra to see the outcome. If your studs are small and fall off the bra, draw small circles for where each stud should go.

Start gluing the studs onto the bra with your glue gun. You can easily find studs at any fabric and bead stores. Experiment with multiple colors and designs for a glamorous look.

Let the bra dry for at least 20 minutes before trying it on.