The secret to a flawless hair bun comes from your feet. The sock bun (also known as the doughnut bun) is literally shaped around a tube sock. This style works best on medium-length hair. It’s easy enough for everyday wear, and, with some embellishments, fancy enough to wear as a formal hairstyle. The length of the sock will determine the size of the bun; for shorter hair, use a smaller sock.

Things You'll Need

Cut the tip of the toe area off of the sock. Use a stray/mismatched sock or buy a new pair and put the mate away for use as a future hair bun.

Roll the sock, starting from the toe hole, moving the fabric through the opening so that it looks like a sock doughnut. Adjust it so that the end faces the inside of the hole.

Gather your hair as if you were making a ponytail. Pull the hair through the opening of the sock doughnut so that the sock is positioned in the spot where the bun will go. A high bun is easier if it’s your first time trying it.

Hold the sock in place and let your hair fall over it on all sides, but make sure the sock isn’t visible. Cup one hand around the base of the sock.

Stretch the elastic band in your other hand and place it over the bun so it holds the hair in place under the sock. For a small bun, you may need to twist the elastic and double it over the bun to hold it in place.

Lift a section of the stray hair at the bottom of the bun and pin it around the base of the bun with a bobby pin. Repeat until all of the stray hairs are neatly pinned in place.