Cupcake cakes, or pull-apart cakes, are easy to make and easy to eat. Instead of cutting from one cake, you pull off a cupcake. If you happen to have a soccer fan or player, a soccer cupcake cake is perfect. Soccer cupcake cakes can be decorated to look like a soccer ball or field. Either way, your soccer lover will be thrilled with this different kind of cake.

Things You'll Need

Prepare a base for your cake so it can be moved when it is finished. This can be done by covering a cake board with foil. If you don’t have a cake board, you can improvise by using a large piece of cardboard.

Arrange cupcake holders on the cake board in the shape of your cake. As you assemble the actual cupcakes, replace the placeholders.

Mix the cupcake batter. Using boxed cake mix is fine. Fill the cupcake holders, making sure the batter is at the same level in each holder.

Transfer the cooled cupcakes to the cake board, replacing the placeholders. Keep the cupcakes pushed together, touching one another as much as possible without crushing them.

Frost your cupcake cake. Spread the frosting thickly across all of the cupcakes, not one cupcake at a time. This will fill in the spaces between cupcakes. Using white and black frosting, you can create a flat top that looks like a soccer ball. Or you can use a frosting squeeze tube to create a grass effect out of green frosting. If desired, top off with plastic soccer cake decorations.


  • Using aluminum cupcake holders can make it easier to keep the cupcakes uniform as they bake.

    If you don’t have a pastry tube, improvise with a zip sandwich bag. Fill with frosting, clip off the corner and squeeze to use.

    Use a small dab of frosting on the bottom to keep the cupcakes on the cake board.