A snakeskin bracelet can look sensational on your wrist. It’s unusual and draws the eye. You can make a snakeskin bracelet by gluing the skin over a leather bracelet that’s properly sized to your wrist, but you have to be sure that the snakeskin is properly tanned and prepared first or it will crack and disintegrate. Use rubber cement to glue the snakeskin to the leather, and sew the edges to secure it.

Things You'll Need

Preparing the Skin

Slit open the dead snake. Slide a skinning knife down the inside of the skin several times to remove all the meat and fat, scraping against the skin and working from head to tail on the snake until you’ve removed as much as possible.

Mix a solution of equal parts glycerin and rubbing alcohol in a jar. Place the snakeskin in the solution, and screw on the lid. Leave for three days, opening the lid and stirring the skin and liquid daily.

Remove the snakeskin from the solution. Rinse with clean water before using the knife to remove any pieces of fat or membrane you might have missed before.

Rub the outside of the skin with glycerin, then leave to hang for a full day before wiping off any excess.

Making the Bracelet

Cut the snakeskin so it’s a little larger than the leather bracelet in all directions.

Apply rubber cement to the outside of the bracelet. Lay the snakeskin on top of the leather. Push down and out along the width and length of the bracelet, working from the middle of the bracelet to push out any air bubbles and ensure that the snakeskin is not only flat on the leather but also firmly bonded to it.

Apply a little of the rubber cement to the edges and underside of the leather bracelet where the snakeskin will reach. Work the snakeskin over the edge of the bracelet, then round to the underside of the leather, pressing down so that the snakeskin is securely stuck.

Cut the snakeskin very carefully around the snaps using the utility knife to allow the bracelet to be put on and removed easily.

Thread a leather point needle with nylon thread and stitch around the edges of the bracelet to help prevent the snakeskin from coming loose and fraying. Use a continuous stitch that goes all around the bracelet.

Keep the snakeskin supple by rubbing a little gylcerin into it periodically — about every six months; this will prevent the skin from drying out and cracking, so you’ll have the snakeskin bracelet for a long time.