Stay warm and toasty this winter with a sheepskin hat. You lose a surprising amount of body heat through your head, which makes hats essential to beat the chill during the winter. A sheepskin hat in a trendy trapper style will get you through even the coldest temperatures. This style of hat has two flaps that hang over your ears and tie under your chin to ensure optimal warmth. Make your own to save money and create a one-of-a-kind hat that will see you through many cold winters.

Things You'll Need


Measure around your head just above the ears. Then measure just your forehead, from your right temple to your left.

Subtract the second measurement you obtained in Step 1 from the first one you obtained.

Measure from just above your ears to the bottom of your chin for determining the length of the ear flaps.

Measure from the middle of your forehead over the over top of head and just over the bulge on back of your head.

Making the Pattern

Draw a horizontal line across the back the length of the sheepskin with the measurement you obtained in Step 2 in Section 1. Draw the pattern right on the sheepskin or use pattern paper.

Draw another line 4 inches below this line the length of the measurement of your forehead you obtained in Step 1 in Section 1.

Draw a line perpendicular from the first line, the length of the ear flaps from Step 4 in Section 1. Draw another line parallel to this line from the second horizontal line. Connect these two lines with a semicircle, creating the ear flaps.

Draw a rectangle the length of the top of your head obtained in Step 4 in Section 1 above. The rectangle should be 4 inches wide.

Subtract 4 inches from your total head circumference and divide it in half. Draw a line this length on either the sheepskin or pattern paper. Divide the length of the top of your head in half and measure that distance up from the line. Create a semicircle from the edges of the first line to that height, making the sides and front of your hat. Repeat twice.

Sewing the Hat

Cut out all the pieces.

Pin together the pieces for the top, sides and back of the hat, leather side of the sheepskin facing in.

Sew these pieces together using a thick nylon thread. Or, use a sewing machine for ease. Once complete, turn right side out so the leather side is facing out.

Pin the front portion to the hat so at the bottom of the top piece, in between the two flaps, with the fur side facing out. Sew in place.

Cut thin pieces of the sheepskin and sew them to the ends of the ear flaps for ties.


  • You can use real sheepskin, but opt for faux to save money.