In the cocktail arts, a single ingredient can separate one drink from another. The Sea Breeze is often confused with its first cousin the Bay Breeze. Both are sweet, fruity drinks containing vodka and cranberry; however, one requires pineapple juice, while the other requires grapefruit juice.

Things You'll Need

Fill the glass with ice and 1-1/2 oz. vodka.

Pour in 4 oz. cranberry juice and 1 oz. grapefruit juice.

Add the straw and give a few quick stirs to mix the liquids, then garnish with a lime slice.


  • Different grapefruit juices will add varying levels of tartness. Pink and ruby red grapefruit juice tends to be sweeter and will make a redder cocktail; white grapefruit juice will be more tart and create a pinker drink.

  • For a twist on presentation, halve the amount of grapefruit juice and use a large grapefruit slice as a garnish the drinker can squeeze into the drink.