One of the simplest and most classic ways to decorate a cake is by creating a fondant piece. Fondant is an incredibly versatile substance and can be molded to represent virtually anything; the only limit is the baker’s imagination. If you’re preparing a cake for a scuba enthusiast, you can use fondant to form a simple scuba diver. With minimal effort, your fondant scuba diver can allow you to personalize your cake and delight the recipient.

Things You'll Need

Get your fondant ready. You can use commercial fondant (such as Wilton) or prepare your own. To prepare your own fondant, use a traditional recipe centered around gelatin, glucose, and glycerin, or try a kid-friendly “fondant” make from a base of melted marshmallows.

Color your fondant, if it’s not precolored. Use a gel, paste, or powder color, rather than a liquid food color such as that sold a grocery stores; this will help to keep your fondant from becoming runny.

Form the scuba diver’s body. Using black fondant, shape a thick, rectangular torso with rounded edges. Roll the fondant to create legs and arms coming off the torso. The legs, together, should take up the width of the torso and should taper off so that they are more narrow at the ankle. They should extend out behind the diver (who is positioned flat on his stomach on your work surface. The arms should extend outward from the torso as well (as if the diver is reaching above his head) but should be of relatively even thickness throughout. At the end of the arms, use a veiner or another modeling tool to form fingers. The legs and arms need not be perfectly shaped, as you’re forming a diver in a wet suit.

Form the diver’s feet. Use two small balls of yellow fondant. Shape each into a thick triangle, then cut off one point to form fins. Attach these to the end of the diver’s two legs.

Form the scuba diver’s head. Again using black fondant, roll a ball to serve as the diver’s head.

Form the scuba diver’s face. Roll a small amount of white or skin-colored fondant flat, then cut out a circle or oval for the face. Attach this piece to one side of the diver’s head.

Make the diver’s mask. Roll a small amount of yellow fondant flat, then cut out the mask, which should consist of two round, square, or oval pieces for the eyes, and two straps extending backwards. You may cut your mask in a single piece or as multiple pieces that you will attach. Once cut, attach the mask to the diver’s head and face.

Attach the diver’s head to his body.

Make the scuba tanks. Use two equal amounts of yellow fondant. Roll each between your hands to create a cylinder. Attach these two cylinders flush against one another on the diver’s back to form the scuba tanks.