Homemade rosewater is all-natural and has a subtle, lovely aroma. Rosewater can be used for a variety of skin care purposes. While it’s often used as a skin toner, it also can be combined with glycerin to create a moisturizer or soaked into cotton balls or pads and frozen and used to reduce undereye puffiness. This summer, try keeping rosewater in a spray bottle and using it as a refreshing facial spritzer.

Things You'll Need

Gather or buy approximately 12 roses that are in full bloom.

Trim the roses to remove the stems and leaves. If you bought the roses from a florist, rinse the petals thoroughly with cool water to remove any pesticides and chemicals.

Place the trimmed rose flowers in a large pot. Add enough water to cover the flowers then turn on the stove burner.

Heat the water and allow it to simmer gently for between 15 and 20 minutes. Test the rosewater as it’s simmering; it’s ready when the water both smells and tastes strongly of roses.

Strain the rosewater into a large bowl and discard the flowers. Allow the rosewater to cool before using a funnel to transfer it into a clean, empty spray bottle.

Store the rosewater in the refrigerator when you’re not using it, to keep it chilled.


  • You can also include rose hips in the recipe. Rose hips, the berries that form after a rose has shed its petals, are rich in Vitamin C.