Romeo and Juliet ball masks are fun craft projects perfect for themed parties or Halloween. Using a piece of thin cardboard, such as a piece of a cereal box, and some basic decorating mediums, you can create a themed mask of your own. You can create a mask using a photograph of an actor portraying Romeo and Juliet for a literal Romeo and Juliet mask or you can create a ball mask inspired by the play. This project is for a cardboard mask with a stick handle, decorated with feathers and glitter inspired by the theme of the story.

Things You'll Need

Cut off one of the front sides of an empty cereal box. Print out a mask pattern from the Internet or draw one from hand. The mask should be a half mask, approximately 4 to 5 inches tall, covering just your eye area. Place the pattern over the cardboard piece. Cut out the mask. Gently fold the cardboard so that you can cut the eye slits out.

After you have your mask cut out, paint both sides a solid base color, such as black, making sure that the design and script of the cereal box is completely covered. Apply a thin coat of glue all over the front of the mask, making sure that the paint is completely dry first. Sprinkle a generous coat of glitter over the glue side of the mask. Wait a few seconds, then shake off the excess glitter. Lay on flat surface to set. Glue a few colored feathers on the upper right corner of the mask once the paint is completely dried.

Paint the stick in the same shade as the base of the mask. If desired, the same glitter process above can be applied to the stick as was to the mask. Glue the stick to the bottom far left or right corner of the mask once the paint is completely dry. Lay on a flat surface until the glue is completely set.


  • Variations of your mask can be simple. If don’t want to have to hold your mask, you can attach a stretchy piece of string, such as a piece of rubber band, to both sides of the inside of the mask. This will allow it to stay over your face. Dark paint colors such as black, charcoal, navy and royal purple work best to cover the printing on the cereal box.

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