Turn a flat boring hairstyle into a beautiful quiff. Even fine hair can obtain a beautiful bump!

Things You'll Need

Flip hair over in front of you. Brush your hair towards the floor.

Place an alice band in the front of your hair. Hair should create a arc.

Pull the hair in the arc, flat against your head. Leave a loop of hair at the front of the alice band.

Spray the loop using a hairspray that is a maximum firm hold spray.

Straighten out the hair. You should have the shape of a quiff in your hair,may not look nice and neat yet.

Fix up your quiff so that it is even all over.

Place grips in behind the quiff to keep it in place.

Now the styling is up to you. You can pull your quiff in a half ponytail, ponytail, or just wear it down. Its up to you!