Originating in Ireland, the hot toddy is a homey cup of cheer that can take the sting out of cold weather–and the common cold. You can use either hot tea or hot water as your base; always make sure the water is hot but not boiling. (Boiling water will cook the alcohol content out of the whiskey.)

Things You'll Need

Drizzle honey into bottom of the mug or glass–or if you’re using brown sugar, sprinkle into cup before adding any other ingredients.

Add whiskey.

Heat water to just below boiling and pour into a separate cup. Add the tea bag and allow to steep for 1 minute. Pour into prepared mug or glass. Stir.

Squeeze lemon into hot toddy and stir again. Serve immediately.


  • Most teas can be used in the making of a hot toddy, but black and green teas are ideal. Some festive recipes call for a cinnamon stick and/or slice of orange perched on the lip of the mug or glass.

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