Ponytails are a versatile hairstyle. They are suitable for all ages and most hair lengths except for the super short. Try a high ponytail for a playful look. A low, sleek ponytail is perfect for the workplace. If you would like to add length to your ponytail, without the commitment of extensions, there are ways to make a ponytail look longer.

Things You'll Need

Straighten your hair using a flat iron. Before putting the hair in a ponytail, straighten it in small sections by running the flat iron from root to tip. After you put your hair in the ponytail, you will see that when it is super straight, the ponytail looks longer.

Add temporary hair extensions to the ponytail. Temporary enhancements are easily added and removed. Clip a ponytail extension onto your own ponytail or pin it directly underneath. Blend the extension in with the natural hair.

Create a stacked ponytail. It is two ponytails, with one that is concealed. As one ponytail is lower than the other, it gives the illusion of length. To create it, separate your hair into two sections, bottom and top. Pull the top section into a ponytail and tie with a rubber band. Brush the bottom section back and put into a ponytail also.