When making a Pokemon cake, your biggest challenge is deciding which Pokemon character to depict, the dramatic fire or poison characters of Venusaur or Charizard or cute ground or water characters such as Dugtrio or Poliwag. Whichever creature you decide on, a flat cake, rather than an upright cake, will make the job easier. Put your efforts into using vivid colors and plenty of texture to bring the cake to life. Basic techniques for a Pokemon cake remain the same for any character, but the Magikarp fish gives you an interesting shape with ample opportunities for decoration.

Things You'll Need

Look through Pokemon collections, magazines or online sites to find a picture of Magikarp. Trace the general fish outline onto a piece of paper corresponding roughly to a 9-by-13-inch sheet cake and cut it out to use as a pattern. Trace a separate pattern for the tail fin from a 9-inch round cake.

Place the fish patterns onto the cakes and trace around them with a toothpick. Cut out the outlines with a serrated knife by holding the knife upright and sawing gently through the cakes. Trace Magikarp’s mouth, eye and middle fin onto the cake so you will have a pattern for frosting those spots.

Arrange orange, yellow and white icing in separate bowls to use in frosting the cake. Magikarp’s body will be orange and its eyes, tail fin and middle fin will be white.

Frost the cake body with orange icing and glue the fins onto the basic fish shape using the same icing, leaving an oval space for Magikarp’s eye and a fin-shaped space for the middle fin. Frost the tail fin, the middle fin and the eye with white icing.

Mold yellow marzipan into crown shapes for the upper and lower fins, with a flat side to glue with icing to the fish body. Shape three pointed spikes into the crowns, using a toothpick to notch the spikes into the marzipan.

Roll yellow marzipan with your hands into thin strips for long whiskers and to outline Magikarp’s mouth. Press both pieces gently into the frosting so they stay in place. Let the whiskers dangle over the sides of the cake.

Pipe black icing as spines on the middle and tail fins and red icing on the inside of the mouth. Alternatively, use a chocolate candy disk for the eye and thin black licorice strips as spines.


  • Colored sugar sprinkles give a decorated cake more pizazz. Add orange, yellow or white sprinkles to the body, fins and eyes of the fish by pressing them gently into the frosting and the marzipan.

  • If your frosting is difficult to spread, add a little milk to thin it — frosting is easier to spread when it is soft.

  • Set the cake on a bed of shredded coconut dyed with a few drops of blue food coloring to create an eye-popping background for the fish.