Imagine making a perfect omelette without having to scrub a dirty pan. Imagine having fancy omelettes for breakfast, even on the busy days. To learn how, read on.

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Things You'll Need

I first read about Ziploc omelettes online, and the idea is so great I wanted to share it with the eHow community. This is a great idea for a holiday breakfast, or a great way to help your kids get involved in meal preparation!

Boil a pot of water. The more people you have, the bigger the pot you will need. For a family of four, a large saucepan should do the trick.

Have each person break two eggs and put them into the Ziploc bag. More than two eggs may be too much for this recipe. If you have hungry eaters, you may want each person to get two, two-egg omelettes. Instruct each person to add in whichever ingredients they want.

Squeeze the air out of the bags and seal them. Each person should use their hands to mix the ingredients and scramble the eggs well. Place them into the pot of boiling water (it should be a rolling boil) and let them sit for about 13-15 minutes. Then, carefully pull out the bags with oven mitts, pour each omelette onto a plate, and enjoy. Cleanup is the best part! 🙂


  • For a really-quick breakfast in the morning, place a covered pot of water on the stove the night before, and have everyone prepare their omelette the night before, too. All you have to do in the morning is turn on the stove and drop the omelettes in!

  • This is great because everyone can have a different kind of omelette, and no one has to wait for theirs to be done.