A peasant blouse is typically a loose and flowing shirt that has a hippie feel to it. Often the blouse sleeves cascade over the wrists in a draping fashion. Feminine accents such as lace, ribbon and floral patterns are also popular. You can transform a T-shirt into a peasant blouse with a few fabric additions and some basic sewing skills. Use old articles of clothing as extra material or make a few small purchases at a local craft or fabric store.

Things You'll Need

Choose an over-sized T-shirt for the project. As peasant blouses are typically loose and flowing, the more material you have to work with, the better.

Add a belt that will cinch in the fabric below the bust or at the waist to give the shirt definition and create the flowing effect. By accentuating the waist, the fabric will flow away at the hips, creating the flattering shape that peasant blouses are known for.

Cut the neckline to the desired shape and depth. Sew a strip of lace to the neckline to add a touch of detail and femininity.

Add a strip of lace to the sleeves by sewing it to the hem, or if you desire a full, flowing sleeve, move on to the next step instead.

Measure and cut enough fabric to cover your arms from the hem of the sleeve of the T-shirt down to your wrists. The top of the fabric should be slightly wider than the circumference of your upper arm and should widen into a pyramid shape, so the widest point will fall over your wrists. Sew the narrow top of the fabric to the hem of the T-shirt sleeves and sew the sides together to enclose the sleeves.