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When you decorate cakes and cupcakes using creative, out-of-the-ordinary techniques with frosting, fondant, spun sugar and other edibles, you become more than a decorator -- you become a cake artist. You are the sculptor, and fondant is your clay; you are the painter, and gel is your paint; you are the builder, and gum paste is your cement. For the optometrist or eyeglass-wearing person in your life, craft a pair of eyeglasses out of fondant to add a personalized adornment to a sweet treat.

Break off a piece of fondant, roughly the size of a golf ball, if making eyeglasses to place on top of cookies or cupcakes. Use a larger piece of fondant, the size of a baseball or grapefruit, if crafting fondant eyeglasses for the top of a sheet or round cake.

Separate the ball of fondant into four equal sections. Use a pastry knife to score the fondant to make dividing easier and more equally distributed. Cut through the fondant with a butter or paring knife to separate the sections.

Create the eyeglass rims using two pieces of the fondant; use a photograph of eyeglasses for use as a point of reference while assembling. With your hands, roll out the fondant into a rope; roll both pieces to the same thickness for consistency. Loop one piece of the rolled fondant into a circle and gently press the ends together to secure. Repeat with the second rope to create the other eyeglass lens. Set aside both pieces on wax paper to protect and facilitate removal.

Roll out the two remaining pieces of fondant into ropes of equal length and thickness to use for the eyeglass stems. Gently curve one end of the eyeglass stem to represent the portion of the eyeglasses that rests over the ear.

Assemble the fondant eyeglasses using one of two methods. For folded glasses, lay one stem down first; place the second stem on top; and then arrange the lens in the center of the folded glass frame. For upright eyeglasses, place the stems directly on the cake and place the fondant lens between the stems; gently press each lens to the stem to hold it in place by using your fingertips, the blunt end of a pastry knife or a toothpick if the fondant eyeglasses are small in size.


Change the color of the eyeglasses by using different colors of dye.

Use smaller circles of colored fondant, such as light gray or brown, to fit inside of the fondant eyeglass rims to create sunglasses.


Handle fondant carefully as the heat from your hands will soften the fondant and potentially damage your design.