Yes, you can take your old T-shirts and make a brand new body hugging shirt out of them. Do you have a big T-Shirt of your favorite band, but you can’t show it off because the shirt is too big? Well, never fear, you can make that shirt look hot. All you need is a T-shirt and a pair of scissors — there is no sewing required. You can use some design tips, or think of a design on your own to make your very own unique shirt. No one else will have the shirt that you made.

Things You'll Need

Find some old T-shirts or new ones that are too big. You might want to practice with an old shirt that you do not care about first. When you are ready to create your new shirt, choose one with the design of your favorite band or an image that you love and want to show off.

Spread the T-shirt on a table with the design in the middle of the shirt. It is easier to cut a shirt with a design because it gives you a guide for cutting. Make sure there are no creases or wrinkles. Lie it out flat against the table.

Find a small shirt that you want to use as your pattern. Use a shirt that fits you perfectly and lie it on top of the bigger T-shirt. Look at how much you will have to cut off of the sides in order to make the big T-shirt fit you properly.

Cut the sleeves off of your shirt. You can leave a little cap sleeve over your arms, but it looks best if you make the shirt into a cute tank top.

Remove the shirt that you used as a pattern and use your eyes to cut off the sides of the T-shirt, and then get your scissors. Look at where the design is and how much you need to cut off from there. Do not cut straight up and down; the body has a curve to it, so cut in a curved line. Cut the shirt using the scissors, and be sure to curve in as you cut up the stomach and back out when you reach the shoulders. Stretch the shirt on the sides to make the material even, with no jagged edges.

Cut off the collar. The more you cut off, the wider it will be on your shoulders. So if you don’t want to show off your bra straps, only cut off just the collar portion of the shirt.

Use the point of the scissors, if they are sharp, to cut several little holes down the sides of your T-shirt. You will use these holes to lace the shirt back together. Make sure to leave enough room for your arms. You can also use a seam ripper to make holes through the shirt, make sure the holes go all the way through the front and back of the shirt.

Pick up the material that you cut off the sides. You may need to take the material and cut it in half vertically in order to make long, skinny strips. Stretch out the material using your hands. Use the strips to thread in and out of the holes, in order to sew up your shirt like a shoe lace. Tie the strip in a little bow at the end of the shirt, and then do the other side. Make it as tight or as loose as you want, depending on how form-fitting you want the shirt to be.

Stretch out the collar and the shirt a little more. Put on the shirt and adjust the ties on each side. Now go and show off your new shirt.