A motorcycle cake wows both children and adults with realistic details and bright colors. You could place toy motorcycles on top of the cake or draw a motorcycle with icing, but actually shaping your cake in the form of a motorcycle brings the concept to life. As a concession to simplicity, lay the motorcycle on its side rather than trying to make the cycle stand up, and cut the motorcycle shape out of baked cakes. Use iconic black and orange shades, or go with sparkling contemporary colors for your own, unique bike cake.

Things You'll Need

Sketch a motorcycle shape with various parts of the motorcycle on a piece of paper corresponding to the size of your cake sheet pan. Design the basic shape of the chassis, or frame that holds the bike together, to include the back tire, the seat, the motor, the fuel tank and the windshield. Prepare separate drawings for the front tire, the handlebars and the long part of the frame holding the tire and handlebars together.

Cut a rectangular cake into the shape for the chassis. Ensure that the cake is completely cool before cutting, and use a serrated knife, sawing gently through the cake instead of pressing.

Cut a circular shape for the front tire from a cake baked in a circular pan, sizing it to match the section of the main chassis where the back tire will be. If the chassis and the front tire differ in height, cut a slice off the taller section to match the shorter one.

Cut strips of cake to form the handlebars and the frame holding the front tire and handlebars together. Alternatively, you could fashion these pieces from sections of black licorice and attach them with icing to the chassis and the front tire.

Frost most of the cake with black or silver icing. Leave the seat, fuel tank and fender sections bare to spread with a different-colored icing.

Ice the seat, fuel tank and fenders with brightly colored icing. Use sugar sparkles on top of the icing to highlight the seat, or lay shiny fruit leather, cut to shape with scissors, over a layer of icing for more visual interest.

Pipe icing onto the chassis to represent the engine, tire spokes, exhaust pipes and any other parts of the bike that you want to copy from a picture of a motorcycle. Use icing in a contrasting shade from the overall bike frame, such as silver on a black frame or black on a silver frame.


  • Let icing come to room temperature or add extra room-temperature butter to the icing so it’s soft and easy to spread.

  • Spread cookie crumbles at the bottom of the cake to represent a rocky road for the motorcycle to travel on.