The Moscow mule cocktail demonstrates marketing genius, a marriage of two struggling products that helped cement vodka’s foothold on American bar shelves. John G. Martin and Jack Morgan put their heads together — as well as Martin’s vodka and Morgan’s ginger beer — in 1941 to create the Moscow mule, a unique cocktail with citrus and spice flavors. The simple combination became a success, perhaps due in part to the specially commissioned copper serving mugs, now knows as Moscow mule mugs.

Things You'll Need

Add 2 to 3 ice cubes to a copper Moscow mule mug — a Collins glass will work if you can’t find an authentic copper mug. Pour 1 part vodka over the ice.

Squeeze lime juice over the vodka. For a 12- to 16-ounce mug or glass, squeeze approximately 1/2 ounce or the juice from one lime wedge. Discard the lime wedge. Add simple syrup to taste if you prefer a sweet cocktail.

Fill the mug to the top with ginger beer — not ginger ale — usually 2 to 3 parts ginger beer depending on preference. If you prefer the taste of less ginger beer, add more ice to fill the cup.

Stir the ingredients with a bar spoon until thoroughly combined.

Garnish with a lime wedge or a lime slice. Hook lime wedges on the side of the glass; place slices on top of the ice. You can add a sprig of mint in addition to or in place of the lime garnish.