How to Make a Moonshine Tea Pot

By LeafTV Editor

A moonshine tea pot, or tea pot still, is the simplest way to create a system for producing moonshine at home. Choosing the proper pot and building the still correctly are relatively simple tasks, accomplished with supplies from the home or hardware store.

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How to Make a Moonshine Tea Pot

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Choosing and Preparing a Tea Pot

Select a tea pot that has a wide spout and an easily-sealed hatch. Avoid any tea pot that is made of aluminum---these can be dangerous to boil mash in. Instead, choose steel or copper. Try to find a pot that has a spout cap that can be removed easily.

Wash the teapot thoroughly. Use pliers or a screw driver to remove the cap from the tea pot spout.

Before continuing, determine how much of your mixture you will put into the tea pot. Don't exceed half of the pot's capacity.

Prepping the Stopper

Make sure your rubber stopper fits into the teapot's spout. If it's too small, find a different stopper. If it's too large, you can use a knife to shave down the sides until it fits snugly.

Place the stopper flat on a surface that can be scratched--a wooden board, for example. Use the power drill to drill two holes into the stopper, from one flat side to the other, using the smallest drill bit.

Slide the copper tubing from your condenser coil into one hole, and the cooking thermometer into the other periodically. When you are able to force each one into its hole, stop drilling. There should be no gaps between the stopper and tubing/thermometer.

Fill the teapot with mash, and fit the rubber stopper into the spout. Add the tubing and thermometer. You now have a moonshine tea pot.


  • Remember that holes in your stopper will get slightly smaller when it is plugged into the tea pot spout--consider attempting to insert the tubing and thermometer with the stopper already placed in the spout.