Do you know someone who has got his head in Star Wars? Then you have the perfect excuse to whip up this cake! Just a few easy steps.

Things You'll Need

Mix the number of cake mixes your wedding-cake cake pan holds (mine held 11). Spray the pan and pour in cake mix. Jiggle so that mix fills cleanly to the edges. Place in oven and bake to manufacturer’s directions.

When first layer has cooled, remove it carefully from the pan. Place it on a large surface covered with aluminum foil. Repeat Step One for the second layer. Reserve some cake batter and bake in a muffin cup to create the cab. Allow cab and second cake to cool. Cover the top of the first layer with a filling or flavored frosting. Cut wedges from the second cake and place on top of the first cake to match the geometries of the Millennium Falcon. Attach the cab to the side.

Mix black cake decorator’s frosting with white frosting until you reach the desirted shade of gray. Pipe 3 billion little gray stars on the cake to coincide with every patch of gray on the Millennium Falcon. Repeat for the white areas.

Use licorice, red hots, sliced raspberries and blackberries to simulate the guns, hatches, force shield and other items on the Millennium Falcon’s exterior.


  • Piping stars onto the cake is very forgiving and nearly fool proof, so don’t be shy — add Hans Solo’s profile to the windshield!