Margaritas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are served on the rocks, while others are frozen. Some come in tall glasses, others short. Some are served with salt on the rim and others are not. There are also different flavors and an array of ingredients that can be used. But, the Mexican Margarita has retained its status as a classic. Rumor has it that Hussong’s Cantina, a famous bar in Ensenada in Baja, California, is home to the authentic Mexican Margarita. It is said to have been the original concoction of bartender Don Carlos Orozco who first created this fine balance of ingredients in 1941. It is also said to be named after Senorita Margarita Henkel, daughter of the German ambassador to Mexico.

Things You'll Need

Use fresh ingredients. The first rule of thumb to making an authentic Mexican margarita is to use all fresh ingredients–never use a pre-made mix. You will need the following: your choice of tequila; Mexican controy (cointreau or triple sec can be used in its place: fresh squeezed lime juice or bottled key lime juice also works well); crushed ice and coarse salt such as kosher salt.

Blend the ingredients. You are now ready to make your authentic Mexican margarita. First, place tequila (4 ozs.); Controy (4 ozs.); and lime juice (4 ozs.) in blender. Fill with crushed ice until almost full. Shake well or blend until very slushy.

Wet the rim of a martini or Margarita glass with water; turn glass upside down and then swirl rim of glass in small dish of salt. Pour Margarita into glass; garnish with slice of lime and enjoy. This recipe will serve approximately four people.