Celebrities love their Maxi Dresses so I will show you how to make a Maxi at home super quick and super cheap! Yeah… Yeah… I know it is Fall so use warmer fabrics and tones, wear with chunky cardigan and wrap with thick earthy belt to complete the look. Good luck and have fun!

Things You'll Need

Take a yard of fabric and wrap it around you like you would a towel. Make sure fabric is under your arms and hold the edge of fabric out to your sides.

Bring your arms straight out in front of you with fabric still in hand and pull two pieces of fabric together to your chest. Tie these two pieces of fabric together with a ribbon.

Now twist the two pieces of fabric separately and then twirl those two pieces together and wrap the excess fabric around your neck. Tie behind your neck.

Pin the slit in the front of the dress on the inside. This way the seam will be on the inside of the dress. Pin until you get the desired length of the slit.

Sew from the top of the slit to where you want to stop. *Remember to back stitch at the top and bottom to prevent the seam from undoing.


  • Tye Dye Fabrics Work Great!

  • Get online coupons for JoAnnes Fabrics.

  • If you don’t have a sewing machine then you can sew the small hem by hand.

References and Resources

Video Tutorial Here