A matte-finish lipstick is perfect for when you don’t want your lips to appear glossed. Creating your own lipstick helps you blend a shade that works for your skin tone without having to purchase several colors and blend them on your skin, which can create a gunky mess. Using several items, blend a small amount of matte-finish lipstick at a time, keeping the concoction fresh and sterile for daily use. Having the right shade for your skin will help you appear put-together and avoid looking overly made-up.

Things You'll Need

Break up the blush with a plastic stirrer until you have a loose powder.

Mix the blush into 4 tbsp. of petroleum jelly or lip balm. Do this on a plate, in a plastic bag, or in a bowl. Continue mixing a tiny bit of powder into the gel at a time until you’ve achieved the shade you want. Less powder will give you a lighter shade, while more powder will result in a darker lipstick. Continue mixing until all the powder is absorbed by the gel and you have an even shade throughout.

Scoop up the finished mixture and press it into your small, resealable container.

Apply this lipstick with a lipstick brush to get smooth, even coverage.

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