If you are hosting a party, what is more fun and decorative than creating a martini bar for guests? Martinis are classic drinks, usually served in a fancy glass and traditionally made with either gin or vodka. There are different kinds of martinis: dirty martinis, fruity martinis, dry martinis and many others. By creating a martini bar for your guests, you allow them to customize their drink to their liking and have fun in the process.

Things You'll Need

Purchase the materials and find a space to create the martini bar. At one end of the martini bar, place an ice bucket, the liquor, the cocktail shaker and the various martini mixers and ingredients.

Put martini recipes (either printed or written out) next to the ice bucket so that your guests can look at different recipes and decide what kind of martini to make.

At the other end of the bar, place martini glasses, toothpicks, olives, lemons and any other martini garnishes of your choice. When a guest finishes shaking his martini, he can pour it into a martini glass and garnish it as he wishes.


  • You may want to laminate the martini recipes, since they will be alongside guests shaking liquids. That way, they will make it through any spills and can be used over and over again.