Store-bought fondant is pricey and many people don’t like the taste. Marshmallow fondant, or MMF, can be made inexpensively and has a sweet, pleasing flavor. To make stiff decorations, mix the prepared fondant with equal parts of gum paste. This recipe can be tinted with food coloring or cocoa powder.

Things You'll Need

Melt marshmallows and 2 tablespoons of water in the microwave by heating in 30-second increments, stirring in between until the mixture is liquid. Add any desired coloring and stir well to distribute evenly.

Sift about three-fourths of the sugar on the top of the melted marshmallow mix. Grease a spoon with shortening and stir to combine. Alternatively, grease a mixing bowl and use the paddle attachment on a heavy-duty mixer to incorporate the sugar and marshmallow. Monitor the mixer to make sure it isn’t overtaxed. Sprinkle in more icing sugar a little at a time as needed until the fondant is the consistency of dough.

Grease your hands and your work area, and then begin kneading the fondant. Add more icing sugar as needed to counteract the stickiness of the fondant. Be careful to avoid adding too much sugar and making the fondant too dry. If it does get too dry, add a touch of corn syrup or a bit more water and knead it through the fondant.

Cover the finished fondant in a light coat of shortening and then wrap with plastic film. Put it in a zip-close plastic bag and leave out on the counter or store in the refrigerator if you won’t be using it right away.


  • If you see tiny spots of powdered sugar, add some water and continue to knead.

  • The fondant will hold well in the refrigerator for weeks.

  • When you’re ready to use refrigerated fondant, you can warm it slightly in the microwave to make it easier to work with. Start by heating it just a few seconds at a time.