How to Make a Lilikoi Martini

By Chance E. Gartneer

A lilikoi martini allows you to have a little bit of tropical paradise in your glass. Lilikoi, also known as Hawaiian passion fruit, is a yellow fruit with a gelatinous middle. The fruit can be difficult to find outside of the Hawaiian Islands, though its flavor can be found in syrup form at specialty liquor and grocery stores. With just a little bit of vodka and syrup, you can make your own lilikoi martini -- the sandals and suntan come separately.

Step 1

Fill the martini glass with a handful of ice. Top with club soda or water to chill the glass.

Step 2

Fill the shaker tin with ice. Pour 2 oz. of vodka and 2 oz. of lilikoi syrup into the shaker tin and shake.

Step 3

Empty the contents from the martini glass. Strain the liquids from the shaker tin into the glass. Garnish the martini rim with a lime slice.