If you are looking for a simple and affordable face mask option that isn’t full of synthetic perfumes or harsh chemicals, chances are you already have everything you need right in your own kitchen. Natural food products are the best ingredients for skin care, and cost less than anything you can find in a bottle. Despite the fact that you may feel a bit silly while applying this lettuce face mask, no one will be laughing when they see your beautiful complexion. Read on to learn how to make a lettuce face mask.

Things You'll Need

Measure 2 tbsp. of olive oil and place it in a small bowl. Unlike common skin care ingredients such as heavy lotions, petroleum jelly and synthetic oils, olive oil will moisturize and nourish the skin, but will wash away clean leaving your skin soft, supple and glowing.

Squeeze the juice from one fresh lemon into the bowl of olive oil and stir. Lemon is a natural and gentle astringent that will help to reduce an oily shine while clearing and refining pores.

Tear the lettuce leaves into small strips and dip them into the lemon and olive oil mixture, applying them to your face. Lettuce is a perfect remedy for normal skin as it gently removes make-up and oil while restoring the skins natural pH level, balancing your complexion.

Soak a paper towel in mineral water and place the towel on top of the lettuce leaves. Lie down and relax for 15 to 20 minutes, before removing the lettuce strips. Enjoy your lettuce face mask as often as you like for beautiful glowing skin.

Dip a cotton ball in warm milk and gently wipe the olive oil from your skin. Milk is high in lactic acid, which will help to rinse the olive oil, but will also moisturize and smooth your skin. Finally, rinse with cool water and pat dry.