Making your own bra can be a complicated process. Every woman’s body is different, requiring different measurements for the cups and straps. One thing that can make the process easier is to use an existing bra as a pattern. This should be a bra that fits well, but is old enough that you do not mind cutting it up. Once you have the bra separated into pieces, you can use it as a template for as many leather bras as you want.

Things You'll Need

Cut the straps off of an old bra. Remove any underwires that are present.

Make three to four cuts in each cup, from the outer edge toward the center, to allow them to lie flat.

Transfer the outline of the cut bra cups onto a piece of leather with a fine-tipped marker.

Cut the leather with a sharp pair of scissors following the marker line.

Sew the cuts in each cup together using a leather needle and rayon thread that matches the leather color. You may need a thimble to push the needle through the leather.

Remove the hooks and eyes from the old bra. Measure both wings, the bridge between the cups and the shoulder straps.

Cut a piece of leather to match each of the pieces listed above. Cut the leather straps slightly longer that you think you need. They can be trimmed later.

Sew the bridge between the cups, leaving the same distance as on the original bra.

Sew the wings to the outer edges of the cups, then sew the hooks and eyes from the original bra to the outer edges

Sew the shoulder straps to the tops of the bra cups, then sew the other ends to the back.

Try on the bra. If any of the straps are too loose, cut the seams with a seam ripper. Tighten the straps slightly and sew again. Try to sew through the original holes in the outermost layer of leather.

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