Jager bomb cocktails keep the party going all night because the stimulant energy drink counteracts the depressant quality of the alcohol. The drink features Jagermeister, an herbal liqueur made with 56 herbs, roots and spices, including licorice and anise, and sweetened with sugar and caramel. The traditional cocktail is made with Red Bull energy drink, but any energy drink can be substituted.

Building the Jager Bomb

Chill the energy drink and bottle of Jagermeister before making the Jager bomb cocktail for best results — the 70-proof digestif is best kept in the freezer. Fill a tall glass, such as a highball glass or Collins glass, about two-thirds full with your choice of energy drink. Fill a 1- to 2-ounce shot glass with Jagermeister. Drop the Jagermeister shot straight down into the energy drink. The drink will splash a bit but that is part of the novelty with this drink. When serving a crowd, your guests might prefer to drop the shot in the glass themselves.