Do you covet long, lush eyelashes but don’t want to spend money on prescription eyelash growth medication or deal with the side effects? While mascara can go a long way in making lashes look longer, it can only do so much. Genetics determines much of your eyelash growth and density, but you can help nature along with an item you probably already have in your beauty arsenal.

Things You'll Need

Gently clean and pat dry your eye area before you go to bed. Don’t tug on your eyelashes or be rough with them or you will defeat the purpose of your treatment.

Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly between your thumb and forefinger.

Coat your eyelashes with petroleum jelly. Close one eye and apply the petroleum jelly to your lashes by inserting them between your two fingers, closing your fingers together at the root of the lashes and sliding your fingers down to the lash tips, leaving a thin application of petroleum jelly on them.

Repeat the above process with your other eye.

Do this every night. The petroleum jelly will condition your lashes and help prevent them from falling out. In the morning, remove the petroleum jelly with a gentle eye makeup remover.

Continue applying petroleum jelly nightly until you’re satisfied with your eyelash growth.


  • Eyelashes take between 8 to 12 weeks to grow once they have fallen out, but you may see results in as little as two weeks.