A handkerchief can make a really cute and stylish top perfect for those hot summer days spent at the beach or poolside at a chic party. Follow this guide to make your own, and be the hottest girl all summer long.

Things You'll Need

Take a Handkerchief, Make a Shirt

Lay your handkerchief flat and iron out any creases or wrinkles. Fold the handkerchief diagonally by taking the right uppermost corner and connecting it to the left lowermost corner. The folded handkerchief should be in the shape of a triangle or diamond.

Place the handkerchief upside down so that the tip of the “triangle” is facing down. You can either sew the ends of the handkerchief together or leave them loose.

Take the folded handkerchief and tie the two opposite corners behind your back to make a strapless shirt. It should basically resemble a tube top, but with a more open back. The triangular tip of the handkerchief should be at or near your belly button. This is the simplest version that you can make.

To make a halter, begin by making two small holes about 1-2 inches apart in the folded edge of the handkerchief, then looping a piece of string or ribbon through the holes and tying the ends of the string behind your neck. Finally, tie the opposite ends of the handkerchief behind your back. Note: this version will probably look better if the handkerchief is folded in a “diamond” shape because it will give you more coverage.

Pair the finished product with jeans for a casual look, or a cute mini skirt to give it that extra edge.


  • For a more glamorous look, substitute the ribbon or string for a short gold chain. Loop the chain through the holes and clasp around your neck.

  • Try to use a fairly large handkerchief in order to ensure adequate coverage.