Creating something fashionable out of fashion accessories you already own is not only thrifty, it’s easy and fun. If you have a handkerchief, some safety pins and a headband, you can make a halter top.

Things You'll Need

Fold the handkerchief in half so that it forms a triangle.

Place the cloth headband onto the main point of the triangle.

Fold the point of the triangle down over the headband.

Safety pin the triangle’s point, 1/2 inch down, onto the back of the handkerchief. Be sure you don’t go through the entire handkerchief so the safety pin stays hidden.

Put the headband over your head and around your neck.

Tie the long ends of the handkerchief behind your back.


  • For a truly cute halter top, match the color of the headband to the color of the handkerchief. To change the style of your halter top, use cloth headbands with different widths or a choker necklace to secure the halter top around your neck.

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