A smoothie is an easy to make drink that is a healthy alternative for desert, snack or breakfast.

Things You'll Need

Add 8 to 16 oz of fresh or frozen fruit into blender. I prefer to add 8 oz of frozen blueberries and 8 oz of frozen strawberries. Adding these first ensures that they well reach the blades of the blender and not get stuck up at the top. I also like to add a slice of fresh pineapple.

Add 1 whole banana. Break into pieces.

Add one 8 oz container of yogurt. I prefer plain yogurt as it is healthier and doesn’t compete with the taste of the fresh or frozen fruit. But choose a flavor to suit your taste.

Add 8 oz to 16 oz of orange juice. Other types of juices can work too. If you don’t have a slice of pineapple to add, I would recommend a pineapple-orange blended juice.

Blend until thick and creamy. Add more juice or frozen fruit to reach your desired consistency.


  • Use the yogurt container as a measuring tool. Most yogurts come in 8 oz containers.

  • Fresh fruit is desirable, but it is much easier to keep several bags of frozen fruit in your freezer, and the fact that it’s frozen helps keep the drink nice and cold.

  • Invest in a decent blender, especially if you plan on using frozen fruit.