A smooth, frosty frozen vanilla latte makes a great afternoon treat or an early morning pick-me-up. According to the National Coffee Association, 40 percent of coffee drinks that Americans purchase are gourmet specialty coffees such as the latte. At your local coffee cafe, a frozen vanilla latte can easily cost more than $4.00 and might only be available a few months each year. Fortunately, making this chilly coffee beverage is easy enough to do every morning. Save a few extra bucks each day, along with the hassle of the morning rush at the coffee shop, by following a few simple steps to make your own 12-ounce frozen vanilla latte.

Things You'll Need

Pour the milk and coffee into the blender before adding the ice. To reduce the fat content, use low- or reduced-fat milk. To make a creamier, more decadent latte, use pure cream.

Blend the ice, coffee and milk at “Ice Crush” speed for 40 seconds to get a smooth consistency. If you want a chunkier frozen latte, blend the mixture for only 25 seconds.

Remove the top of the blender and pour in the two tablespoons of vanilla syrup. Resume blending for another 10 to 15 seconds. Adding the syrup near the end of the blending cycle allows the flavor to mix evenly throughout the drink.

Pour your frozen vanilla latte into a tall cup and enjoy by itself or with a straw.


  • Don’t be afraid to adjust the ingredient measurements. If you love vanilla, add an extra tablespoon, or if you prefer less of a coffee flavor, use a weaker brew.