If you’ve ever had a classic mojito then you know nothing is more refreshing. Frozen mojitos are as refreshing as classic mojitos but are more like slushies, so you get the added fun of feeling like a kid again. You can serve frozen mojitos in the summer or in the winter for a special occasion such as New Year’s Eve. When adding the limes to the blender, add whole wedges with the rind. The rind will add a lot of flavor and color to the finished drink. Be sure that the limes are pulverized as much as possible. The pieces of lime rind should be tiny flecks in your frozen mojitos. This recipe serves six.

Things You'll Need

Blend sugar, mint leaves and the juice from 1 lime in blender.

Cut 1/2 lime into wedges and add to blender, rind and all. Blend well.

Add rum to the blender and blend.

Add the club soda and ice. Blend and add ice until the texture of the mojito is like a frozen slush. Serve immediately in highball glasses and garnish with sprigs of mint.