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Lots of designers have sent flare dresses down the runway over the years. Some have stuck with shorter hemlines while others have gone for the dramatic ballgown length. Despite their glamorous look, flare dresses can be remarkably easy to make. Pick your own length and color, and you're well on your way to hanging this designer look in your closet.

Use a measuring tape to take your measurements. Record your your bust, waist and hip measurements.

Select the appropriate size dress pattern based on your measurements. Cut out the pattern pieces according to your measurements.

Select your dress fabric. If you are making a strapless dress, select a stretchy fabric to use on the upper portion of the dress. This stretch will help keep a strapless dress in place. The amount of fabric you need is based on your dress size.

Pin the pattern pieces that you cut in Step 2 to your dress fabric.

Cut the fabric according to the pattern. Make sure you cut the fabric pieces large enough to account for seam allowances. If you want to create a more dramatic flare than the pattern suggests, use a pencil to lightly sketch a larger flare onto the fabric. Cut along your pencil marks instead of following the pattern.

Pin the pieces of dress fabric together in preparation for sewing.

Baste the dress together. Try on your dress and make any adjustments necessary to get the appropriate fit.

Sew the dress together using a sewing machine and you're ready to wear your new flare dress.


Have a friend help you take measurements to ensure accuracy. Flare dress patterns are available at many craft and fabric stores. Use contrasting fabrics for the bodice and skirt of your dress to create a trendy, color-blocking effect.

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