The flamenco dancing style originated in the Andalusian community in Spain. In order to pay proper tribute to this old art form, professional dancers insist on wearing the traditional flamenco-style skirt. The hem of a flamenco skirt should be long enough to cover the top part of the shoe, although traditional dancers wore skirts that reached the floor. However, contemporary fashion recognizes that it is important to strike a balance between a long skirt and one that is too long to dance in without tripping.

Things You'll Need

Select an appropriate pattern for your project. Flamenco skirts are tightly fitted to the knee and then flare out in a cascade of ruffles that graze the floor. This is the ideal style for a flamenco dancer, as the fit and flare shape accentuates the dancer’s movements while allowing her feet to move freely.

Purchase the amount of fabric required by your project. Alter the necessary yardage if you decide to incorporate contrasting ruffles. Depending on how fitted your desired skirt style is, you may want to use fabric with Lycra content to make dancing a bit easier.

Measure yourself at the waist and hips. Cut the pattern size that most closely corresponds with your measurements to ensure the best fit. Place the pattern pieces on your fabric and cut out each.

Pin your skirt’s pieces together, keeping right sides together. This ensures that no seams show on the outside of the garment. Sew the seams in place and repeat the process for the lining fabric. To finish the waistband, sew the lining and skirt together at the waist with right sides together and flip the lining to the inside to give the top a smooth edge.

Ease stitch across the top of your ruffle pieces. Ease stitching is accomplished with the widest stitch on your sewing machine, but you must not knot the beginning or ending stitches for the gathering process to work. Pull the top thread taut to gather the ruffles until they measure the same width as the portion on the skirt where they are to be sewn.

Pin the ruffles to the face of the skirt with right sides together and sew. Install a zipper in the back or side seam, whichever is recommended by your sewing pattern.